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Other Past Castoe Lab Members

Name                            Castoe Lab Position                                                    Time in Lab                        Current

Kris Row                        Undergraduate Researcher                                     Summ. 2016-Summ.2018    Ph.D. Student our Lab

Nour Louzon                 Undergraduate Researcher                                     Summ. 2016-Summ.2017      

Acacia Young                Undergraduate Researcher                                     Summ. 2016-Summ.2017    Ph.D. Student UTSW

Marelize Snyman        Undergraduate Researcher                                      Summ. 2016-Summ.2017    Ph.D. Student w/ Sen Xu

Ola Moussa                  Undergraduate Researcher                                      Summ. 2014-Spring2016

Angelica Garcia           Undergraduate Researcher                                      Summ. 2014-Fall2014      

Lexi Alexander             Undergraduate Researcher                                      Summ. 2014-Fall2014  

Nyimah Waynewood Undergraduate Researcher                                      Spring 2014-Summ.2014  

Austin Jinks                  Undergraduate Researcher                                      Spring 2014-Summ.2014  

Mohamad Elzaim        Undergraduate Researcher                                      Spring 2014-Summ.2014  

Jessica Stephens         Undergraduate Researcher                                      Fall 2013-Spring.2014  

Zachary Rodriguez      Undergraduate Researcher (McNair Scholar)       Summ. 2014-Fall2014          M.S. Student at LSU   

Elizabeth Nguyen        Undergraduate Researcher (Honors Thesis)        Spring 2013-Summ.2013      Pharmacy School

Laura Drzich                 Undergraduate Researcher (McNair Scholar)      Summ.2014-Fall2014            Medical Tech School

  1. F.Nicole Proctor          Undergraduate Researcher                                     Spring 2013-Summ.2013

Zia Flossman                Undergraduate Researcher                                      Spring 2013-Summ.2013

Rachel Wostl                Laboratory Technician                                              Fall 2012-Summ.2013           UTA Biology Lab Coordinator

Kyle Shaney                  Ph.D. Student                                                             Spring 2013 - Fall 2013        Ph.D. Student with Eric Smith

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Evolutionary Genomics

Reptiles, esp. Snake Genomics

Genomics of Extreme Adaptations

Systems Biology

Population Genomics



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Daren Card

Ph.D. - Graduated Aug. 2018

Currently an NSF-funded Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard (with Scott Edwards)

Drew Schield

Postdoctoral Fellow

Calliophis castoe

Lab Mascot

Rich Adams

Ph.D. Student

Audra Andrew

Ph.D. - Graduated May 2017

2018 - Postdoctoral fellow at UTSW

Currently a MCAT instructor

Nicky Hales

Ph.D. Student

Giulia Pasquesi

Ph.D. Student

Blair Perry

Ph.D. Student

Jacobo Reyes-Velasco

Ph.D. - Graduated May 2015

Co-Advised w/ Campbell

Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU-Abu Dhabi (with Stephane Boissinot)

Andrew Corbin

Ph.D. Student

(with Paul Chippindale)

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Aundrea Westfall

Ph.D. Student

Drew Schield

Ph.D. - Graduated May 2018

Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in our lab working on Rattlesnake Genomics

Zach Nikolakis

Ph.D. Student

Richard Orton

Ph.D. Student