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Perry, B.W, A.L. Andrew, A.H.M. Kamal, D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, G.I.M. Pasquesi, M. Pelligrino, S.P. Mackessy, S. Chowdhury, S.M. Secor, and T.A. Castoe. 2019. Multi-species comparisons of snakes identify coordinated signaling networks underlying post-feeding intestinal regeneration. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. In Press PDF

Schield, D.R*, B.W. Perry*, R.H. Adams, D.C. Card, T. Jezkova, G.I.M. Pasquesi, Z.L. Nikolakis, K. Row, J.M. Meik, C.F. Smith, S.P. Mackessy, and T.A. Castoe. 2019. Allopatric divergence and secondary contact with gene flow – a recurring theme in rattlesnake speciation. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 128: 149-169. *joint primary authors.  PDF

Adams, R.H, and T.A. Castoe. 2019. Probabilistic species tree distances: implementing the multispecies coalescent to compare species trees within the same model-based framework used to estimate them. Systematic Biology. In Press PDF

Schield, D.R., D.C. Card, N.M. Hales, B.W. Perry, G.I.M. Pasquesi, H. Blackmon, R.H. Adams, A.B. Corbin, C.F. Smith, B. Ramesh, J.P. Demuth, E. Betran, M. Tollis, J.M. Meik, S.P. Mackessy and T.A. Castoe. 2019. The origins and evolution of chromosomes, dosage compensation, and mechanisms underlying venom regulation in snakes. Genome Research 29: 590-601. PDF Genome and annotation files hosted on Figshare

Adams, R.H, D.R. Schield, and T.A. Castoe. 2019. Recent advances in the inference of gene flow from population genomic data. Current Molecular Biology Reports. PDF

Adams, R.H, and Castoe, T.A. 2019. Statistical binning suffers profound model violation due to gene tree error incurred by trying to avoid gene tree error. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 134: 164-171.  PDF

Pinto, B.J., D.C. Card, T.A. Castoe, R. Diaz, S. Nielsen, P. Trainor, and T. Gamble. 2019. The transcriptome of the Veiled Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus): a resource for studying the evolution and development of vertebrates. Developmental Dynamics 2019:1–7; PDF


Perry, B.W, D.R. Schield, and T.A. Castoe. 2018. Evolution: Plasticity versus selection, or plasticity and selection? Current Biology 28:R1104-R1106. PDF

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Card, D.C., B. Perry, R.H. Adams, D.R. Schield, A. Young, A.L. Andrew, T. Jezkova, M.R. Walsh, M. Rockford, F. Mazzotti, K. Hart, M. Hunter, and T.A. Castoe. 2018. Novel ecological and climatic conditions drive rapid adaptation in invasive Florida Burmese pythons. Molecular Ecology 27:4744-4757. PDF

Perry, B.W, Card, D.C., Pasquesi, G.I.M., Adams, R.H., Schield, D.R., N.R. Hales, A.B. Corbin, J.P. Demuth, F.G. Hoffmann, M.W. Vandewege, R. Schott, N. Bhattacharyya, B.S.W. Chang, N.R. Casewell, G. Whiteley, J. Reyes-Velasco, S.P. Mackessy, K.B. Storey, T. Gamble, K.K. Biggar, C.N. Passow, C. Kuo, S.E. McGaugh, A.M. Bronikowski, J. de Koning, S.V. Edwards, M.E. Pfrender, P. Minx,  E.D. Brodie III, E.D. Brodie, Jr., W.C. Warren, and T.A. Castoe. 2018. Molecular adaptations for sensing and securing prey, and insight into amniote genome diversity, from the garter snake genome. Genome Biology and Evolution. 10:2110-2129. PDF

Adams, R.H., D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, and T.A. Castoe. 2018. Assessing the impacts of positive selection on coalescent-based species tree estimation and species delimitation. Systematic Biology  67:1076-1090. PDF

Strickland, J.L., Smith, C., Mason A.J., Schield, D.R., Borja, M, Castañeda-Gaytán, G., Spencer, C.L., Smith, L., Trápaga, A., Bouzid, N.M., Campillo-García, G., Flores-Villela, O.A., Antonio-Rangel, D., Rokyta, Castoe, T.A., D.R., Mackessy, S.P., and Parkinson, C.L. 2018. Evidence for divergent patterns of local selection driving venom variation in Mojave Rattlesnakes (Crotalus scutulatus). Scientific Reports 8: 17622. PDF

Schott, R.K., A. Van Nynatten, D.C. Card, T.A.Castoe, and B.S.W. Chang. 2018. Shifts in selective pressures on snake phototransduction genes associated with photoreceptor transmutation and dim-light ancestry. Molecular Biology and Evolution 35: 1376-1389. PDF

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Adams, R.H., D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, A.B. Corbin, and T.A. Castoe. 2018. ThetaMater: Bayesian estimation of population size parameter θ from genomic data. Bioinformatics 34: 1072-1073. PDF

Hales, N., D.R. Schield, A.L. Andrew, D.C. Card, Walsh, M., and T.A. Castoe. 2018. Contrasting gene expression programs correspond with predator-induced phenotypic plasticity within and across-generations in Daphnia. Molecular Ecology 26: 5003-5015. PDF


            See also commentary: Bell. A.M., and L.R. Stein. 2018. Transgenerational and developmental plasticity at the molecular level: Lessons from Daphnia. Molecular Ecology 26: 4859-4861. PDF


Gamble, T., T.A. Castoe, S.V. Nielsen, J.L. Banks, D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, G.W. Schuett, and W. Booth. 2017. The discovery of XY sex chromosomes in a Boa and Python. Current Biology 27: 2148-2153.e4. PDF


            See also commentary: Emerson, J.J. 2017. Evolution: a paradigm shift in snake sex chromosome genetics. Current Biology. 27: R800-R803. PDF

Andrew, A.L.*, B. Perry*, D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, R.P. Ruggiero, S.E. McGaugh, A. Chowdhary, S.M. Secor, and T.A. Castoe. 2017. Growth and stress response mechanisms underlying post-feeding regenerative organ growth in the Burmese python. BMC Genomics 18:338. (*co-first authors) PDF

Schield, D.R., R.H. AdamsD.C. Card, B.W. Perry, G.I.M. Pasquesi, T. Jezkova, D.M. Portik, A.L. Andrew, C.L. Spencer, E.E. Sanchez, M.K. Fujita, S.P. Mackessy, and T.A. Castoe. 2017. Insight into the roles of selection in speciation from genomic patterns of divergence and introgression in secondary contact in venomous rattlesnakes. Ecology and Evolution 7: 3951-3966. PDF

Adams, R.H., D.R. Schield, D.C. Card, H. Blackmon, and T.A. Castoe. 2017. GppFst: Genomic posterior predictive simulations of Fst and dXY for identifying outlier loci from population genomic data. Bioinformatics 33:1414-1415. PDF   see also Software Page (GppFst)

Schott, R.K., B. Panesr, D.C. Card, T.A. Castoe, and B.S.W. Chang. 2017. Targeted hybrid enrichment of complete coding regions across divergent species. Genome Biology and Evolution 9:398-414. PDF

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Cox, R.M., C.L. Cox, J.W. McGlothlin, D.C. Card, A.L. Andrew, and T.A. Castoe. 2017. Hormonally mediated increases in sex-biased gene expression accompany the breakdown of between-sex genetic correlations in a sexually dimorphic lizard. American Naturalist 189:315-332. PDF


Verity, R., C. Collins, D.C. Card, S.M. Schaal, L. Wang, and K.E. Lotterhos. 2016. MINOTAUR: A platform for the analysis and visualization of multivariate results from genomic scans with R Shiny. Molecular Ecology Resources. doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12579. PDF

Streicher, J.W., J.P. McEntee, L. Drzich, D.C. Card, D.R. Schield, U. Smart, C.L. Parkinson, T. Jezkova, E.N. Smith, and T.A. Castoe. 2016. Genetic surfing, not
allopatric divergence, explains spatial sorting of mitochondrial haplotypes in highly venomous coralsnakes. Evolution 70:1435-1449. PDF  Supplementary Material   [Cover Article]

Card, D.C., D.R Schield, R.H. Adams, A.B. Corbin, B.W. Perrry, A.L. Andrew, G.I.M. Pasquesi, E.N. Smith, T. Jezkova, S.M. Boback, W. Booth, and T.A. Castoe. 2016. Phylogeographic and population genetic analyses reveal multiple species of Boa and independent origins of insular dwarfism. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 102:104-116. PDF

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in a multigene family facilitates adaptive evolution of toxin resistance. Current Biology 26: 1616-1621. [Cover Article] PDF

Shaney, K.J., R.H. Adams, N. Kurniawan, A. Hamidy, E.N. Smith, and T.A. Castoe. In Press. A suite of potentially amplifiable microsatellite loci for reptiles of conservation concern from Africa and Asia. Conservation Genetics Resources 8: 309. PDF

Adams. R.H., H.G. Blackman, J. Reyes-Velasco, D.R. Schield, D.C. Card, A.L. Andrew, N. Waynewood, and T.A. Castoe. 2016. Microsatellite landscape evolutionary dynamics across 450 million years of vertebrate genome evolution. Genome 59:295-310 PDF

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Schield, D.R., M.F. Walsh, D.C. CardA.L. Andrew, R.H. Adams, and T.A. Castoe. 2016. EpiRadSeq: genome-wide analysis of shifts in DNA methylation using next-generation s
equencing. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7:60-69.  Cover Article PDF


Saviola, A.J., D. Pla, L. Sanz, T.A. Castoe, J.J. Calvete, and S.P. Mackessy. 2015. Comparative snake venomics of the Prairie rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis viridis) and assessment of the immunoreactivity of the commercial antivenom CroFab. J. Proteomics 121:28-43. PDF

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Featured in (including quotes from Todd and others):

            Secrets of Snakes. 2013 Science:342:1159. PDF

            Genes For Extremes. 2013. Science 342: 1160-1161. PDF

                -See the Castoe Lab Blog for additional press coverage

Vonk, F.J., N.R. Casewell, C.V. Henkel, A. Heimberg, H.J. Jansen, R.J. R. McCleary, H.M.E. Kerkkamp, R. Vos, I. Guerreiro, J.J. Calvete, W. Wüster, A.E. Woods, J.M. Logan, R.A. Harrison, T.A. Castoe,
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    Featured in (including quotes from Todd and others):

            Genes For Extremes. 2013. Science 342: 1160-1161. PDF

            The Freek Show. 2013 Science:342:1164-1165. PDF

Castoe, T.A., and D.D. Pollock. 2013. Chinese Alligator genome illustrates molecular adaptations underlying extreme Crocodilian traits. Cell Research 2013:1-2. PDF

See quotes from Todd in: Bats and dolphins evolved echolocation in same way”, 2013, by Elizabeth Pennisi in Science 9/04/2013. PDF 

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